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FSX AI Advanced Airblast Sounds, Version 2.
FSX AI Advanced Airblast Sounds, Version 2. This version removes some unwanted background noises,and delivers a more directional sound. These sounds have been resampled specially to give you a stunning airport enviroment in FSX, using Goldwave 517, along with Microsoft ADPCM format.they now include take off sounds, landings, reverse thrust and many more AI aircraft sounds. All sounds can be heard both inside and outside a cockpit, the sounds can also be heard from a control tower although signifently reduced. They have been tested on a Intel Pentium Dual Core 3.40 processor,with a Nvida GeForce 7900GS video card with no adverse frame rate loss. Just simply pull up beside a runway, or take off area of your chouce either outside or in your cockpit, turn your sound down,and be prepared to hold on to your hat! These files do not have any effect on/or any components in FSX other than AI AirCraft sounds, and can easily removed if you dont like them.


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