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FS2004 Space Shuttle Atlantis
FS2004 Space Shuttle Atlantis A rework of Matthew Moxon's This aircraft is for FS2004, it includes High Quality DXT-3 Photoreal Textures, Re-Entry and Launch Models with Tank and Solid Rocket Booster. Flight also included for launch at the Nasa Shuttle Landing Facility. The Flight Dynamics have been tweaked for better performance in flight, and launch. A great way to get to the sims limits of 99,000 within less than an minute. Somewhat realistic but overall alot of fun. A must have for Virtual Nasa Simmers. Repaint, Reconfig, and Pack by Hunt. Original Model by Matthew Moxon. Sounds from various shuttle packs. This Aircraft is recommended for use with the FS2004/2002 Nasa Space Shuttle Panel by Tom Kelner.


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