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FSXA Gates 25 Learjet Upgraded Olympic Fleet

FSX Acceleration photoreal upgraded complete package of Gates Learjet 25 fleet of Olympic's SX-CBM & SX-ASO. This was Aristotle Onasis, the founder and owner of Olympic Airways, private jet at the time. In service with the company from 1970 to 1975. SX-ASO was sold to a private French investor and later crashed in a fatal accident. The model has all animated parts and turbine fans, opening exit with retractable stairs, air brakes, gear suspension, full detailed virtual cockpit and passenger cabin. I made three new photoreal 2D Panels. Full size/IFR/and Land with more than 110 gauges for them. My new Simicon control and my new look large monitor type GPS 2000 are also included in the pop-up panels. The exterior is now highly detailed with photoreal metal textures. Historical photos of the real aircraft and the Onasis family in the package. Model by Yann Koyn from France and One of the most beautiful models i made livery for. Tested in FSX Acceleration. Livery and upgrades by Hellenic Aircraft /Yiannis Katehis Tstetsas.

Author Yiannis Katehis Tstetsas    


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