FSX ATR 72-500 FlyBe


FSX ATR 72-500 FlyBe HOT

  • -ISDT ATR 72-500 -Native B200 Sounds and 2d panel Nordic Regional Airlines Oy, also known as Norra, and previously known as Flybe Nordic, is a Finnish airline owned by Finnair. The airline began ....

FSX 737-800 Jet2holidays

FSX 737-800 Jet2holidays HOT

  • Texture created by Declan McKenzie for Posky Boeing 737-800 with advanced vc, window wipers,air-stares =(shift,E+2),cargo, ground services and more... The vc, whipers and rain effects by Alejandro ..

FSX Westland Lynx SH14-D (Royal Netherlands Navy)

FSX Westland Lynx SH14-D (Royal Netherlands Navy)

  • Installation: Unzip the "Westland_Lynx_SH14D" file, and put the Gauges & Simobjects files into your main FSX folder. If ask to copy says Yes. Bugs: - A common bug are the invisible ....