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FSX- 2 Starships USS Enterprise over the Golden Gate

  • TOS and 2009 movie version of the USS Enterprise based at San Francisco, close to the Golden Gate. Bay areas and Disk are landable. High resoultion graphics an engines animated.

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New Mexico Photoreal Scenery

  • New Mexico Photoreal Scenery. This covers Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and the Jemez Mountains in LOD14 (4.7m/P). Includes Jemez Canyon in LOD15. More to come: I am working on The Sangre de Christos, ....

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FSX ZSHC Hangzhou China HOT

  • FSX ZSHC Hangzhou China by Peter Hornfeck.The Author from Flight Deck Magazine

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Experience Lukla *Special Edition*

  • Can you land here? This is a Airpot for big airliners too! But the approach is much more difficult! Enjoy it!

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FSX Kassel Calden Airport

  • Kassel Calden Airport, Germany. Scenery of the new airport Kassel-Calden (EDVK) which is in operation since spring 2013. Kassel Calden Airport located northwest of the German city of Kassel. There ..

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Los Roques airport

  • Los Roques on FSX was horrible, a silhouette clear brown in the sea. With the program ADE9X I make acceptable the island. Now has an airport, the parckings, new orography, I adding the villages ....

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FSX Whidbey Island Naval Air Station

  • High resolution photoreal coverage of Whidbey Island Naval Air Station in Oak Harbor, WA. Taxiways, aprons and runways redone with ADE to match photoreal ground textures. Over 40 custom buildings ....

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FSX EDDS Stuttgart Airport Stuttgart Germany HOT

  • FSX EDDS Stuttgart Airport Stuttgart Germany. Taxiways and parking positions with accurate coordinates. Gates have gate numbers and parking have ground painted taxiway signs for better ....

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FSX EDDF Frankfurt Airport, Frankfurt, Germany HOT

  • EDDF Frankfurt Airport, Frankfurt, Germany. With new Terminal A Plus, ILSZ and ILSY for RWY 07L-25R, Runways taxiways and taxiway signs are up to date ( January 2013). The gates have gate signs to ..

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FSX FNB Soccere Stadium Johannesburg

  • This is the FNB Soccer Stadium in Soweto for MSFSX. This stadium (previously known as Soccer City) was built for the 2010 FIFA World Cup hosted in South Africa. This is freeware and made from a ....