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Flight Simulator X - Antonov AN124-210. Flight Simulator X - Antonov AN124-210. HOT

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Antonov AN124-210. Original FS2004 model adapted and impproved flight dynamics. This version of the AN124 is based on the proposed AN124-210 with Rolls Royce Engines. It can fly much higher, faster and farther than the previous versions of AN124, but still contains the same basic aircraft dynamics. I have personally test-flown this model over 26,000 nm to assure her flight dynamic accuracy. After installation, and before selecting this aircraft, it is best to review the details before flight. This aircraft does not contain any kneeboard data. It is also important to have experience with heavy aircraft flight before attempting to fly this monster. She is very heavy on lift-off, and unforgiving on final approach. Below I've included a few tips that may help you fly this bird without catastrophe. These tips are designed for experienced FSX users, so please do not contact me unless you experience something totally abnormal. Original model by Thomas Ruth. Uses the Boeing 747-400 panel. No Virtual Cockpit. Pre-Flight Briefing Douglas E. Trapp FS Flight Dynamics Engineer

Author Douglas E. Trapp


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