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Microsoft Flight Simulator X / 2004 Sikorsky R-4B Package Microsoft Flight Simulator X / 2004 Sikorsky R-4B Package

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FS2004/FSX Sikorsky R-4B Package. Floats and Wheel versions with multiple variations. Note: In FSX this machine takes a minute to warm up. Give it time! Flies beautifully once warm. Superb flight dynamics! This package contains two basic models, one wheeled and one fitted with floats, and each of these has one version with hoist and one without, making four in all. There are six liveries included for each model - 1 x Royal Air Force, 1 x Fleet Air Arm (Royal Navy), 2 x United States Coast Guard and 2 x United States Army Air Force. Three of these are currently on display at museums in the US and UK, while the other three all played a key role in the development of SAR and military helicopter operations. Sadly, none of the 140 R-4B's and variants built are airworthy today. By Shawn Lund Pete Clayson.

Author Shawn Lund Pete Clayson.


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