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FSX Westland Lynx SH14-D (Royal Netherlands Navy) FSX Westland Lynx SH14-D (Royal Netherlands Navy)

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Installation: Unzip the "Westland_Lynx_SH14D" file, and put the Gauges & Simobjects files into your main FSX folder. If ask to copy says Yes. Bugs: - A common bug are the invisible Rotor-blades when you fly trough heavy clouds. - And no working VC..sorry I've upgrade some textures, and the 2D Panel made by myself with FSPS. Credits: AlphaSim (Basics) Virtavia, Microsoft, Danny Garnier, PanelBasher. Best Regards, Arthur Vince NL This heli was dedicated to 7 en 860 squadron MLD, because i was living near the (now closed) naval base Valkenburg MVKV in the Netherlands.(Yep i miss the Orions and Lynx helis above my head)

Author Arthur Vince NL


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