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FSX Boeing B52 D Bomber FSX Boeing B52 D Bomber HOT

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Boeing B52-D Bomber Adapted for FSX by Danny Garnier. Note this model was created with 2d panel. Only model 6 has a VC without working gauges. The VC model cannot be modified with gauges without the source file. So the VC model has no working gauges in the VC! 2d panel is modified from Ken Mitchel's B-52 panel with FSX compatible gauges added. This package contains 6 B52 models and 6 textures. Since it became operational in 1955, the B-52 has been the main long-range heavy bomber of the Strategic Air Command. It first flew on Apr. 15, 1952. Nearly 750 B-52s were built when production ended in Oct. 1963, of which 170 were -Ds. The -Ds were modified to carry conventional bombs and Quail decoy missiles. Original GMax model for FS2004 by Team KBT Updated for FSX by Danny Garnier