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FSX Boeing 737-800 ZERO-G (FULL PACKAGE) FSX Boeing 737-800 ZERO-G (FULL PACKAGE)

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FSX B737-800 ZERO-G. Compatible with DX10. THIS IS NOT A REPAINT FOR THE DEFAULT B737-800! Basically, this is the same as the default, but I repainted it in the NASA's ZERO-G style. I also added a G-meter and a step-by-step-instruction for ZERO-G-maneuvers. Therefore it has to form up a new folder in the 'Airplanes'-mainfolder. Usually the NASA uses B727-200s or KC-135As to perform parabola maneuvers, but this aircraft is able to do so, too. Please visit my homepage or contact me for ideas or more info. Copyright: Texture + new panel.cfg + ZERO-G-instructions by FSXfreepaints, all other files by Microsoft.

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