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FSX Boeing E-767 JASDF with VC FSX Boeing E-767 JASDF with VC HOT

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Skyspirt2010 Boeing E-767 V5 AWACS JASDF for FSX. Includes all standard features, SkySpirit2010 E767 V5 FSX naive model, high resolution textures, integrated default 737-800 Virtual Cockpit, Panel, Sounds. Includes Japan-Air-Self-Defense livery (84-3504). The virtual cockpit viewpoint is also correctly positioned. I have integrated the E767 animation panel into the default 738 panel. That way the VC can be used and the radome and other animations can be controlled. However, the full size EICAS had to be removed in order to make room for the animation panel. Model designed by Hiroshi Igami and with support of SkySpirit2010 members, FDE designed by Warren C. Daniel, Master Painter: Philip Foglar, Livery Texture: Yosuke Ube, FSX operations by Matt Wang.

Author Matt Wang, SkySpirit2010


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