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FSX Curtiss P-40M and P-40N FSX Curtiss P-40M and P-40N

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Curtiss P-40M and P-40N The Curtiss P-40 was undoubtedly one of the most controversial fighters to serve in quantity during the Second World War. The P-40M, was a P-40E with a more powerful Allison engine , lenghtened fuselage and minor other improvements . The P-40N, was the final production model. The P-40N featured a stretched rear fuselage to counter the torque of the larger,late-war Allison engine, and the rear deck of the cockpit behind the pilot was cut down at a moderate slant to improve rearward visibility. A great deal of work was also done to try and eliminate excess weight to improve the Warhawk's mediocre speed. Early N production blocks dropped a .50 in (12.7 mm) gun from each wing, bringing the total back to 4; later production blocks reintroduced it after complaints from units in the field. GMAX mdls by A.F.Scrub