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FSX SHRS F-111 Aircraft Package FSX SHRS F-111 Aircraft Package

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If you ever wanted to fly the F-111 skimming the tree tops at high speeds and whip around a mountain in a 60 degree bank while the autopilot does all the work, then this is the aircraft package for you. Our update has the only Terrain Following Radar system with Pitch and Roll Stabilization that looks ahead of the aircraft to avoid mountains. It is integrated into the Autopilot and Instrument systems for Auto or Manual TF operation. The autopilot system models the real F-111 autopilot Stability Augmentation Modes with pitch and roll sub-channels. Control Stick Steering uses Pitch and/or Roll control stick input to override the pitch and/or roll autopilot channel(s) without disengaging the autopilot settings. The autopilot settings are reengaged using a button on your control stick (bound to the ‘t” key) returning the aircraft to autopilot control.

Author Steven Hess and Roman Stoviak


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