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FSX/FS2004 Folland Gnat FSX/FS2004 Folland Gnat

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Folland Gnat Perhaps the most widely known of the RAF's jet trainers as a result of its outstanding performances in the hands of the pilots of the Red Arrows aerobatic team, the diminutive Folland Fo.141 Gnat, was designed originally as a light fighter. The major export order was from India: 40 airframes in various stages of completion were supplied from the UK, and licence-production was undertaken by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd at Bangalore, local production accounting for 175 aircraft. The Gnat entered Indian Air Force service in the spring of 1958 and ultimately eight squadrons were equipped with it. Original mdl by Brian Franklin. Burner/smoke effects and Upgrade to FSX by A.F.Scrub.

Author A.F.Scrub Brian Franklin


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