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FSX F-8 Vought Crusader Package FSX F-8 Vought Crusader Package

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F-8 Vought Crusader FSX. This was the ex payware Alphasim Crusader from Virtavia/Alphasim created back in 2005 and now available for freeware. Slight modifications in VC and 2d panel so that it now work in FSX. (find it under 'Vought' in your FSX menu). The Vought F-8 Crusader was a single-engine, supersonic, carrier-based air superiority jet aircraft built by Vought for the United States Navy and the U.S. Marine Corps, replacing the Vought F7U Cutlass Liveries/models: French Navy, USAF- Death Angel - F8-E, F8-J, F8-Marines, F8U-1E Original model by Alphasim. Also added realistic military jet sounds. See File preview for images. Modified for FSX by Danny Garnier