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FSX / FS2004 Breguet 1001 Taon FSX / FS2004 Breguet 1001 Taon

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FSX / FS2004 Breguet 1001 Taon, full package with 5 aircraft, by Patrice Grange. The Breguet 1001 Taon was one of the competitors in 1953 for an European/NATO 'LWSF' (Light Weight Strike Fighter) role. The company was contracted to build three prototypes, the first aircraft flying on the 26 July 1957. The aircraft did set an international speed record for a 1,000 km (620 mi) closed circuit, it achieved a speed of 1,046.65 km/h (650.36 mph) at 7,620 m (25,000 ft) on 25 April 1958. On 23 July, the record was broken again with a speed of 1,075 km/h (667.98 mph). Despite these amazing performances, the Breguet 1001 Taon, like several other great aircraft during this period, never went beyond the stage of prototype... This package is complete and stand-alone. The models have full moving parts and animations (control surfaces, gears, spoilers, canopy, pilot ladder, etc.) and a complete virtual cockpit and a custom 2D panel.

Author Patrice Grange


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