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Flight Simulator X - Lockheed Martin F-16C Flight Simulator X - Lockheed Martin F-16C HOT

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The Hellenic Air Force (or Greek Air Force) has ordered a total of 180 F-16 aircraft,including F16C/D block 30, 50, and 52 aircraft. These aircraft are equiped with state-of-the-art weapon systems: JDAM, JSOM, and WCMD ground attack munitions; IRIS-T and AIM-120C AMRAAM air-to-air missiles; JHMCS and NVG for the pilots; LANTIRN navigation and targeting system; and ASPIS electronic warfare suite. HAF has 8 Squadrons equipped with Vipers and based at Larisa, Nea Anghialos and Suda. This repaint is dedicated to Ida.