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FS X F-100F Super Saber USAF 63948 FS X F-100F Super Saber USAF 63948

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FSX F-100F Super Saber USAF 63948. F-100F was essentially an F-100D stretched for two crewmembers. The USAF needed a supersonic trainer and North American Aviation converted an F-100C (S/N 54-1966) at its own expense for evaluation. The F-100F, which first flew on 7 March 1957, retained the air-superiority and fighter-bomber capabilities of the F-100D although armament loads were reduced. A total of 339 F-100Fs were built. No VC. Original by Kazunori Ito Adapted For FSX

Author Kazunori Ito Eric Buchmann


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