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FSX Mirage F.1CG Hellenic Air Force **Update** FSX Mirage F.1CG Hellenic Air Force **Update**

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On 16 June 1974 the contract for 40 Mirage F.1CG.s was signed and the deliveries were scheduled to last from 1977 until 1979. Because of the invasion of Cyprus by Turkey, in July 1974, the Mirages delivered on 5 August 1975. The Greek F.1CGs aircraft entered service with the 342 Mira, which at the time was still using the F-102A Delta Dart as an all-weather interceptor. The last Delta Daggers in HAF service would be retired in 1977 when all 40 F.1CGs were delivered. Unfortunately the Hellenic Air Force Staff did not buy any of the French AA missiles to equip the new fighters and so these had to be armed with US-supplied AIM-9Js instead. In 1984 the KETA (Center for Research and Aviation Technology) stared to develop the wiring for the 2 outboard underwing pylons, in order to make F.1Cgs able to carry 4 AAM instead of 2. This happened with Dassault's help by 1985 and ever since the PA Mirage tooth four AIM-9P-2. After the arrival of more modern types in PA service, the Mirage E.1CG's started to become secondary in PA planning and air operations. In 2000 344 Mira disbanded and all it’s aircraft and personnel passed on to 342 Mira. After almost 28 years of service, on 30 June 2003 the remaining 24 F.1CG's were retired at Tanagra AB. In total, the PA logged no less but 160.000+ flying hours with its F.1CGs, which means 5500-6000 per airframe - and many of these - over 3.500+ hours - in "live" interceptions over the Aegean Sea, under combat-similar conditions. Features: panel, Virtual Cockpit, four Textures, Sounds, msonic boom effect, reworked and more accurate flight dynamics.

Author Thanasis Delizisis, Panagiotis Delizisis, Kirk Olsson


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