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FSX Grumman F14D Tomcat Rev 3 Package. FSX Grumman F14D Tomcat Rev 3 Package. HOT

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FSX Grumman F14D Tomcat Rev 3 Package. ORIGINAL Flight Dynamics, (V 08-07), ORIGINAL FDE & ORIGINAL AIRCRAFT.CFG, & HUD rework by Ivan Kostic. Aircraft perfectly controllable & maneuverable within the whole original F14D's FE. F14D sound set from AVSIM, with permission by Christoffer Peterson for bundled use. FSX - F14D aircraft.cfg, panel.cfg, FX-addons, new FSX gauging, & ALL rework, FS9 > FSX migratation by S. Hinson. BMP fix for RADAR Range & Mode buttons by Chris Potts(C)2007 FS9 & original files by Ivan Kostic & Steve. GMAX model by J. Dobbings & D. Cattaneo. VC mold by Dino Cattaneo. NEW 3ds Model due out before Christmas. 99% complete by Darek Gurtowski. OUR NEW model will replace Dino's model. FSX camera views by Bob familton and myself. Textures by Ardie Tingler. No other download is needed. See inside for all credits. All DOCS have everything, SO READ THEM ALL! By Steve Hinson. "Tomcatdriver"

Author Steve Hinson Ivan Kostic . Dobbings D. Cattaneo Dino Cattan


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