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Freeware-Texture-Collection (Military Planes) Freeware-Texture-Collection (Military Planes)

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In the Freeware you'll find Textures for the F8-E Crusader (have flight it only with this model) from Virtavia/Alpha and for the ALPHA RF-101 Voodoo, for the SOH E1-B Tracer and for the RanchoJen (Brasil) model of the F7U-3M. This textures are all FREEWARE. Make your own entries in your aircraft.cfg as always (most i give a part of the aircraft.cfg to the folder). Hope, you'll enjoy them.

You need this Aircrafts

FSX Grumman E1B Tracer Package
FSX F-8 Vought Crusader Package
FSX McDonnell F-101