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KJRB Downtown Manhattan Heliport V1 KJRB Downtown Manhattan Heliport V1

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This scenery addon transforms the default Peir 6 from FSX into KJRB, an actual heliport in real life that was not represented defaultly. It includes Helipad H1, the only helipad in real life also. In real life, most helicopters that land here have wheels, alowing them to taxi to their tiedown or to the gate. There is only one gate, it is in front of the terminal. Helicopters are not allowed to takeoff or land on the gate or at tiedown spots! Cars are parked in the parking lot too! This heliport is functional at night in FSX (I'm not entirely sure about real life, but it is posible). There are edge lights and a lighted helipad.

Author Flight Sim Universe


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