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FS X Bella Coola Valley Landscape Enhancements FS X Bella Coola Valley Landscape Enhancements

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One of the most spectacular watersheds of British Columbia's Midcoast, the Bella Coola Valley looks pretty boring in its default FSX rendition and the oddly shaped default Bella Coola River cuts deep into the terrain. These files provide a terrain mesh made from CDED1 0.75-arcsec data (multi-LOD, with maximum resolution of 38-m grid spacing), updated land class, water class, and seasons files, and accurate placements of lakes, rivers, streams, roads, and bridges. Also added are the glaciers of the Monarch Mountain Icefield as well as several forestry roads and clearcuts in the side valleys. Main roads have vehicle traffic moving in both directions. Coverage area is N51*45'-52*40' and W125*35'-127*25'. These files are fully compatible with other landscape enhancements for FSX, such as FS Genesis North America terrain mesh, Cloud 9's X-class, Adam Mill's ground texture replacements, or Flight1's Ultimate Terrain Canada/Alaska.