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FS X General Electric CF6-80C2B5F Soundset for Boeing 747-400 FS X General Electric CF6-80C2B5F Soundset for Boeing 747-400 HOT

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The General Electric CF6-80C2B5F is the power plant of choice for many of the worlds Boeing 747-400 operators. These powerful engines are rated at 62,100 lbs of thrust, that's a lot of power with plenty of sound! Now just imagine listening to the raw power of the real world counterparts in your sim with stunning accuracey. With this soundset anything is possible, it's like sitting in the cockpit of the real thing and reving those engines to Take-off thrust. In this soundset you'll be sure to find your sim sounding like a real Boeing 747-400 in no time. Expect all of the following features to be included in this unreal soundset: Truly Authentic Cockpit Environment Wind Sound That Develops As You Climb And Vice Versa For The Desent Authenic Sounding Engines Both On The Interior And Exterior Real Start Up And Shutdown Sounds Recorded From Real CF6 Engines Famous CF6 Grind/Growl Sound At Full Thrust Very Frame Rate And File Size Friendly Using Different Compression Method Works With Any 747 That You Can Get Your Hands On For Flight Simulator