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Flight Simulator X - FS Earth 4.1 for Google Earth Flight Simulator X - FS Earth 4.1 for Google Earth HOT

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This program acts as an interface between Flight Simulator X and Google Earth, letting to follow a flight in real time, over the satellite images generated by Google Earth. Flights can be saved, and many options are available for fine tuning the performance, as well as the map's style (zoom, tilt, orientation). Works on a single computer running FSX and Google Earth all together or, for best experience, can be used on two networked computers running respectively FSX (master) and Google Earth (slave). AI and Multiplayer traffic is also displayed in Google Earth, together with course prediction and other information. Requires Flight Simulator X and Google Earth. The program running in trial mode works only around Anchorage, Alaska, (PANC / ANC) for a maximum of five minutes per flight session. Version 4.1 has customizable labels for own aircraft and other improvements. A version for FS2004 is available also. By Luciano Napolitano.