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FS2004 Royal Navy Westland Wessex FS2004 Royal Navy Westland Wessex

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FS2004 Royal Navy Westland Wessex. The Westland Wessex was the first British helicopter to have a gas turbine engine and was in the early 1960s adapted for the Royal Navy to carry out a fleet utility, troop carrier and anti-submarine roles. The HAS.1 first flew in 1961. The Wessex is presented in the Mk1, HU5 and HAS.3 versions and was designed for FS2004 by Simshed using FSDS 2 by Brian Franklin. Gauges were made by Jim Cooper. Thanks go to Antti Pankkonen and Arne Bartels for the use of their autopilot and hover gauges and also to Rick Piper for his work on the rotors