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RealRandom for FS9 PMDG747 RealRandom for FS9 PMDG747

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This tool for Microsoft Flight Simulator provides a better random failures experience when you fly some aircrafts. Aircraft like PMDG 747, 737, etc has very limited random failure probability that when you need to experience the random failure, you need to manually (READ: intentionally) arm the random failure. This always results in the “anticipated” feeling that the failure has been armed and it’s almost sure something wrong is going to happen soon to the aircraft. This “anticipated” feeling is not good and kills the true realism of flying. This tool solves the problem. Now you no longer need to manually (READ: intentionally) arm the random failure by yourself. This tool will arm the failure for you without you even know it. This provides the feeling that anything could still happen to the aircraft (so you still need to watch those instruments, standby with plan B, etc) but without the “anticipated” feeling. Because you'll never know whether it's armed or not.