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FSX Yakovlev Air-7 FSX Yakovlev Air-7

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Yakovlev Air-7 vintage racer The "AIR-7", was a tandem-seat air racer / courier aircraft. It was inspired by contemporary American air racers such as early Granville Brothers (Gee Bee) machines and had a fair resemblance to them as a low-wing monoplane with landing gear in streamlined trouser fairings. It was powered by a Shvetsov M-22 nine-cylinder radial engine driving a two-bladed propeller. The M-22 was a copy of the British Bristol Jupiter radial, providing 360 kW (480 HP). It was of mixed metal-wood construction and featured overwing struts, as well as bracing wires, to permit a lighter wing. The AIR-7 performed its initial flight on 19 November 1932 and quickly set a national speed record of 325 KPH (202 MPH).GMAX mdl by A.F.Scrub