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FSXA Upgraded package of Fairchild 24R/24W/24WB FSXA Upgraded package of Fairchild 24R/24W/24WB

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FSXA Upgraded package of Fairchild 24R/24W/24WB. In 1946 T.A.E.the predecessor of Olympic Airways had bought this sole Aircraft from R.A.F (UC-61K "Argus" wich is one of the military designations for the model 24R)and turned it to civil aviation as a short range transport. It was registered as SX-AAJ and was stationed at Hasani(Hellinikon) Athens Airfield then. TAE was succeeded by Olympic Airways in 1957 and "Argus" was not part of the new Airline. It was left unattended until 06/11/1975 that was finaly destroyed. There are three models in this package. The 24R,the 24W (Radial engine ) and the 24WB bush plain (you can land this baby on a 50m field). However the repaint is the same on all models since this was the TAE Livery. I just added the other models so they can be upgraded as well. The models have animated parts, including doors, gear suspension, full V.C.and 2D panel, custom sound and rudder feedback. The 24R model has animated engine cowling also. Models by William Ortis adopted for FSX by Danny Garnier. In this upgrade I have reworked completely the exterior details of the Aircraft from factory plans on wings and fuseladge, ribbing & down to the last screw. Gave it a new VC and two new 2D photoreal panels rearranged,corrected and fixed switches and gauges and changed radios to a more vintage look. Added an extra interior upholstery and new camera views, fixed configuration and air file problems with stability and all tested it all in FSX Acceleration. Livery upgrades and repacking by Hellenic Aircraft/Yiannis Katehis Tsetsas.

Author Yiannis Katehis Tsetsas


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