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FSX AS350 BA B2 Package Final Edition HOT

  • This is a final version of AS350 BA . Aircraft original by FSpainter/Florian LAROYE and most updates and expansions are done by me Jeremy Ng . This package is base on the base pack FSX Eurocopter ..
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Boeing CH-47 Chinook FSN

  • This is the FSN CH-47 in a FS Economy friendly package. The Chinook can now be loaded up to 50000 lbs and fly. I also added the autopilot.
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FSX AS341 Gazelle G-TOPZ Package

  • AS341 Gazelle by Cyril Pioffet painted in a slightly modified metallic G-TOPZ livery and added tinted glass effect. Uses the VC modified by Danny Garnier for FSX. Painted by Stephen Browning
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FSX EH101 Japan Defense Force texture.

  • This is a Japan Maritime Self Defense Force livery for default FSX Acceleration EH101.
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FSX MI-12 Homer and Fairey Rotodyne Twin HOT

  • 2 different aircraft included. I updated Kazunori Ito's MI-12 Homer and Rotodyne (both use the old "jet flaps" flight method) by replacing the Panel gauges and adding texture thumbnails. The ....
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FSX Bell Huey Package HOT

  • Bell Huey Package Sp2/Xp tested by Nor-Cal Prop Club Bell UH-1 "Huey" The most famous helicopter in the world is the Bell UH-1 Iroquois, most commonly referred to as the "Huey." Upon request, ....
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Sud Aviation Super Frelon SA321 Heavy Transport Helicopter Package HOT

  • FSX/FS2004 Sud Aviation Super Frelon SA321 heavy transport helicopter Package. Full detailed package with doors, virtual cockpit, autohover, checklist and more! By Benoit Dube, Jean-Pierre Langer, ....
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FSX Kamov Ka-226 Hoodlum Updated

  • I updated Vladimir Zhyhulskiy's FS2002 Kamov Ka-226 Ru MCS to work in FSX with Soviet/Russian metric gauges. I replaced the origional gauges in the 2D panel with ones from his Antonov An-12BK Package ..
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Kamov Ka-50 Hokum Updated

  • I updated Pierre Marchadier and Fran├žois Reitz's FS2004 Kamov Ka50 Hokum Package by replacing the 2D panel's non FSX compatible gauges with Vladimir Zhyhulskiy's Antonov An-12BK Soviet/Russian ....
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FSX Bell 412 ER Team DRF HOT

  • Bell 412 ER Team DRF pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX. DRF is the German Air Rescue service. Full updated for FSX. Model by Hovercontrol with full VC and interior.