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  • full airplane with vc 2d sound and gun fire. i myself am having only 1 problem with this is the vc Gauges i think it is only the setup i have but o...
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FSX Bell 412 Bambi Bucket Package.

  • FSX Bell 412 Bambi Bucket Package. Original Aircraft Designed by Jordan Moore for The repaints included with this package were cr...
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Flight Simulator X - Canadian Helicopters C-GDBA

  • Repaint of the FSX original aircraft Bell 206 Jetranger in the colors of H?licoptères Canadiens C-GDBA. Version 1.1 fixes some minor flaws with th...
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Microsoft Flight Simulator X / 2004 Sikorsky R-4B Package

  • FS2004/FSX Sikorsky R-4B Package. Floats and Wheel versions with multiple variations. Note: In FSX this machine takes a minute to warm up. Give it ...
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Microsoft Flight Simulator X Westland Scout HA1 package

  • FSX Westland Scout HA1 package. Welcome to the new Westland Scout for FSX. Thius gmax aircraft was designed by UKMIL. this pack includes 4 differen...
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Microsoft Flight Simulator X UH-1 Huey Package HOT

  • FSX UH-1 Huey Package. Contains over 12 Huey models and 6 textures. Based on Jordan Moore's original model. Assembled by Wayne Farrell.
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FSX Autogyro HOT

  • Wallis autogyro 'Little Nellie' adapted fof FSX. This is the gyro used in the James Bond film 'You Only Live Twice' FSXed by John Hauck. Loaded p...
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FSX Sikorsky S-64 SkyCrane HOT

  • FSX Sikorsky S-64 SkyCrane
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FSX Royal Navy Sharks Gazelle Package

  • Tolga Piskin excellent SA342 Gazelle in the Royal Navy Shark display team colors. Complete package including VC Painted by Stephen Browning
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Boeing CH-47 Chinook FSN HOT

  • This is the FSN CH-47 in a FS Economy friendly package. The Chinook can now be loaded up to 50000 lbs and fly. I also added the autopilot.