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FSX Embraer ERJ135ER Air Force with VC

  • FSX/FS2004 Embraer ERJ135ER with VC. A U.S. Air Force repaint using
    the Posky public paint kit textures and installed in the wonderful
    Posky ERJ135ER with VC base pack ( ....

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FSX/FS2004 Folland Gnat

  • Folland Gnat Perhaps the most widely known of the RAF's jet trainers as a result of its outstanding performances in the hands of the pilots of the Red Arrows aerobatic team, the diminutive Folland ..

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Bf 109E German WW2 Fighter

  • FSX/FS2004 Bf 109E German WW2 Fighter In late 1938, the Bf 109E entered production. It was the standard Luftwaffe fighter in the first years of WW2. The Bf 109 (designed by Willy Messerschmitt) ....

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P51B III Mustang Eagle

  • FSX/FS2004 P51B III Mustang Eagle Tis is a complete aircraft with model, panel, sound (Merlin) and private livery. Original model by A.F. Scrub. Repaint by Ingo Schwan.

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Canadair CT-114 Tutor

  • Canadair CT-114 Tutor The CT-114 Tutor was designed as a primary trainer for the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). First flown in 1960. The CT-114 has been the primary show aircraft for the ....

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FSX RA-5C Vigilante textures

  • This folder contains textures for RA-5C Vigilante (Alpha). In the aircraft.cfg make your own
    entries. hope, i could give other Flight Simulator X pilots a little back for all their own ....

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FSX Royal Navy Historical Flight Sea Hawk HOT

  • Royal Navy Historic Flight's Sea Hawk All credits go to Steven Beeny for creating this great model!! She was taken to British Aerospace's Dunsfold works for a complete refurbishment which was ....

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FSX F-16 Red Bull HOT

  • Kirk Olsson's F16 Viper in Red Bull livery by Juan Pablo

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FSX Acceleration Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II HOT

  • FSX Acceleration Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Version 2.10 The F-35 Lightning II is a fifth-generation, single-seat, single-engine stealth multirole fighter that can perform close air ....

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FSX Boeing 747-8 Air Force One new VC HOT

  • FSX Boeing 747-8 Air Force One Delux Package. Assembled and edited for FSX with the developed B747 VC from Alejandro Rojas Lucenda. This is the Project Opsneky FSX Boeing 747-8i model, and ....