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Virtual Coast Guard Station Kodiak (PADQ)

  • Virtual Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak (PADQ), please read the read me file for information about the ILS systems, headings, etc. Enjoy!!
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Virtual Coast Guard Station Sacramento (KMCC)

  • Virtual Coast Guard Air Station Sacramento (KMCC) Read me file has more info about ILS, and lights. www*virtualcoastguard*com
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FSX The Famous Kai Tak, Hong Kong HOT

  • Kai Tak is one of the most dangerous airports in the world. This scenery includes the curved landing light and taxiway very close to the sea.
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Fv76 Floating Runway

  • This Is fv76 Kwekwe East ZimbabweThe Default Has a floating Dirt runway in the Air,I filled in the Hole, Added Buildings, Tower, Taxiways and Radio...
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Saba airport

  • I created the second most dangerous airport to be more realistic than the one already supplied in fsx. This includes the airport being 60m above se...
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Lukla V.2.

  • Lukla version 2 does not require the original version. THis version is so much better and is about as realist as I could get it. I recommend STOL a...
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Hawaii - Kauai Photoscenery

  • Kauai is the fourth largest of the main Hawaiian Islands. Also knownas the "Garden Isle", it is located about 105 miles west of Oahu andjust to the...
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KJRB Downtown Manhattan Heliport V1

  • This scenery addon transforms the default Peir 6 from FSX into KJRB, an actual heliport in real life that was not represented defaultly. It include...
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FSX Chuja PKPJ South Korea

  • FSX Scenery Chuja PKPJ South Korea
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FSX Luxembourg Island

  • Luxembourg Island is not a Real Airport. Luxembourg Island is a dream of me :)