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FSX Piper PA28 Arrow III

  • Piper PA-28R-201 Arrow III Pack Packaged with 7 variations - US, German, UK and Canada repaints. Piper PA28 Arrow III features moving parts, a virtual cockpit (VC), accurate flight dynamics, a ....
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FSX Westland Wapiti

  • The Westland Wapiti In 1926 the Air Ministry looked for a replacement for the long serving D.H 9A to fill the role of general-perpose aircraft for the RAF. Westland, who had been producing the ....
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FSX Republic Seabee RC3

  • Republic Seabee RC3 for FSX. Native model from Project Opensky FSX. Adapted with default Maul VC. Republic Seabee is a small flying boat and also has a gear to land on runway. In 2006, over 250 ....
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FSX Grumman HU-16 Albatross Package HOT

  • Grumman HU-16 Albatross package updated for FSX. Multiple texture: Coast, Navy, USCG, Civilian and more! Updated the VC and 2d panel with FSX gauges. Also minor updates to the flight dynamics so ....
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FSX Cessna 172 Repaint

  • A stable and trustworthy plane, most pilots have logged at least a few hours in a Cessna 172, since it's the most widely available aircraft in the rental fleet, and is used by most flight ....
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Pitts S-2S "Bulldog"

  • This is Jim Leroy's unbeatable and beloved pitts Bulldog. This plane will do anything you ask it too! With realistic flight dynamics (and show smokeI) by Toms FS addons the maker of arguably the ....
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FSX Basler BT-67 Base Package V2

  • Basler BT-67 Base Pack V2 The BT-67 is a turbo-prop conversion of the classic Douglas DC-3/C-47. V2 has a new panel layout, some new gauges, and new flight dynamics. No 2D panel and aliased default ....
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FSX Piaggio P-180 Package HOT

  • Piaggio P-180 Package V3.0. Features Clickable Dynamic Photortreal Virtual Cockpit with Night Lighting, night lighted internals, Photoreal 2D Cockpit, Engine start Effect, advanced FDE, ....
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FSX Bristol Britannia HOT

  • This JBK Britannia mega package is in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the first flight on the 16th august 1952 . With its 4 turboprop engines it soon got the nick name Whispering Giant. There ....
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  • FSX VIKING-DeHavilland DHC2A Mk3 Turbo Beaver Amphibian Package Full package with two special liveries by Cirrus Productions, Netherlands. Full animation, wing views, dynamic shine, full ....