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FSX Corby CJ-1 Starlet

  • The Corby CJ-1 Starlet is a single seat, amateur-built aeroplane designed in the 1960s by Australian aeronautical engineer John Corby. The structure is primarily wood and fabric. The prototype ....
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FSX Alpha 160A Package

  • The Alpha 160A is an all metal, aerobatic trainer with a 160 hp Lycoming O-320-D2A engine. The aircraft was originally designed and built by Avions Robin in France but in 2004 production moved to ....
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FSX Aeroworks ARX-5 Coyote v2.1 Package

  • The ARX-5X (Concept 5) is a single-seat unlimited category aerobatic aircraft built around the 495c.i. 600hp Trace-Orenda OE600 V-8 aircraft engine and designed specifically for freestyle airshow ....
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FSX Acceleration Junkers W-34 & W-46

  • Ralf Kreibich's great CFS2-Junkers W-34 & W-46 now flyable in FSX. 3 Models: wheels, floats and military, 8 different textures. Working VC, though not all instruments show, also pilots not always ..
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FSX Alphasim C-130 Hercules Multi Package V2 HOT

  • The best freeware is now out here, a updated version of the Alphasim C130 V1.03 into a V2 with new textures and 2 Panels. Including Radar, TCAS full, Standard panel and Modern Glass panel. Entering ....
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FSX Robin DR400 Package HOT

  • Robin DR400 Package adapted for FSX. Updated 2012. Original Amazing DR400 by Yannick Lavigne. Updated with new FSX gauges. This is a beautiful airplane to fly VFR in FSX! Yannick Lavigne is one of ....
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FSX Fairchild C123 K Provider Air America

  • The C123 provider was developped after WW2 (first flight in 1949) and was used by USAF during the Vietnam war. Here is the variant "Air America" (remember: the movie with Mel Gibson) with all moving ....
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FSX American Eagle Textures only Fr CastaƱer Super Atr

  • Nobody has done this repaint for Francisco CastaƱer's Atr 72 yet, and I know its one of the most popular liveries. Any editing, just use bitmap or whatever repaint system you use. Its not as ....
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Reproduction of real C172 1966 model 2D only

  • This is a recreation of Cessna N1106F, a real 1966 C172G that was modified considerable. It has a 2D panel only and Is my first attempt at repainting and creating XML gauges. The main feature is ....
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FSX Lockheed Constellation HOT

  • Lockheed Constellation for FSX Alphasim FS9 Lockheed Constellation set modified for FSX with added gauges into the VC and 2d panel. Multi liveries and models: Lufthansa, BOAC, TWA, USAF EC-121R, ....