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FSX/FS2004 Hall Springfield Bulldog Racer

  • Hall Springfield Bulldog racer The Hall Springfield Bulldog racer was designed by John Hall after he left the Granvilles of GeeBee fame. It raced only once, in the 1932 Cleveland race and finished ..

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FSX Grumman C-164C KingCat

  • This package is the last in the range of AgCat modifications. It includes after-market conversion of the Super Ag Cat C/600, made by Mid-Continent Aircraft Corp. The 600 hp (450 kW) Pratt & ....

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FSX G-164 AgCat B/600 on floats

  • The package represents Grumman G-164 Super AgCat B/600 (powered by Pratt & Whitney 600 HP Pratt & Whitney R-1340-AN1). configurated as a floatplane in the liveries of two canadian seaplane ..

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FSXA/FS9 Piper PA 21-L Super Cub Hellenic Army Photoreal

  • This is a FSX Acceleration upgrade with photoreal livery package of Piper PA 21-L.The Piper "L" series is the military designation of the super cub.The Hellenic Army Aviation used this specific ....

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FSX Antonov An-3T Update

  • I updated Whitman's AI An-3 to be pilotable in FSX by adding the Fs2004 An-3T panel by "forpost22", NAMC YS-11 Sound Package For FS2002 v2 By Ryuji Ozawa, and texture thumbnails. Includes the ....

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FSX Grumman G-164 Super AgCat New Zealand registration ZK-RTA

  • Grumman G-164 Super AgCat B/600 in a livery of the real AgCat with New Zealand registration ZK-RTA. It is based on Bill Holker's 3D model and basic texture. This apckage includes new livery, VC ....

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FSX Grumman G-164 Super AgCat

  • Grumman G-164 Super AgCat B/450 in aerobatic configuration. It is powered by Pratt & Whitney R985-14B Wasp Junior, but apart from a regular AgCat has increased acceleration and speed limits ....

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FSX Acceleration Piper Aztec PA-23 250 E/D Olympic

  • Piper Aztec photoreal livery package of Olympic Aviations. Model by Fred Choate. For the FSX Acceleration adoption I have completely re-designed the vitual cockpit and 2d panels with new FSX ....

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FSX Laird Super SolutionV2 The Laird "Super Solution"

  • Laird Super SolutionV2 The Laird "Super Solution". This is a completely new model with textures by Jeff Lewis. GMAX mdl by A.F.Scrub

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FSX Cessna 150 C/F Aerobat Olympic Photoreal Package.

  • FSX Cessna 150 C/F Aerobat Olympic Aviations SX-BDG photoreal livery. Powered with a 150 Textron Continental engine giving it a 126 knots top speed and a 14000 feet service ceiling. The Cessna ....