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FSX Short Skyvan Olympic photoreal

  • Short Skyvan Olympic Aviation photoreal triple Livery package. The Metalic upainted surfuces all have a high gloss finish (32 bit alpha channel textures). textures).This is an all animated parts ....

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FSX Shorts S330 Olympic Fleet photoreal

  • FSX Acceletation Shorts S330 Twin Turboprop¬† photoreal Livery package of Olympic Aviation. Made from actual historic photos. Model by Premier Aircraft Design.Two models (Passenger & Cargo ....

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FSX Acceleration Piper PA-44

  • FSX Acceleration Piper PA-44 Seminole Olympic package. Model by Rien Cornelissen. All Moving parts full Virtual cockpit in 4 diferent panel layouts, 2d panel,sound ,effects and FSX gauges. Repaint ..

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FSX Alphasim PBY-5

  • FSX Alphasim PBY-5. Updated flight dynamics, changed size of the autopilot, changed GPS, and altered and renamed the smoke effect.

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FSX Monster Extra 300S repaint

  • This is a Monster Energy themed repaint of the Extra 300S. Hope you like it, more coming soon! Regards themartinbros

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FSX Handley Page HP-42 "Heracles"

  • The HP-42 represented the epitome of elegant air line travel on British Imperial Airways just before WW2. Eight were constructed; four used on the Western European routes and four assigned to the ....

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FSX Grob 120 AF

  • Grob 120 AF for fsx Fully animated exterior model with virtual cockpit. Most controls are functional. See docs for full credits. Author: Patrick Le Luyer

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FSX Saint barths commuter

  • Saint barths commuter. follow the instructions in the:"Readme"

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FSX Turbo Otter Floatplane package

  • Turbo Otter Floatplane package. 12 seat STOL utility transport Kenmore Air, Seattle. Special edition "Metro Natural" livery and interior by Cirrus Productions,Netherlands. Includes a custom 2D ....

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FSX Noorduyn Norseman

  • FSX Noorduyn Norseman on floats The Noorduyn Norseman was built from 1935 until 1959. They have been used all over the world in both civil and military roles. Includes 3 paint schemes, Canadian, ....