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Mountain Flying in Switzerland (Add-on Mission for FSX updated) Mountain Flying in Switzerland (Add-on Mission for FSX updated) HOT

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Welcome to beautiful Geneva, Switzerland. Today is a gorgeous day to be taking your first mountain flight in the Swiss Alps. Your round trip will take you over two mountain passes, an airport in the middle of a steep sided canyon and another airport in the heart of the Alps. This first leg takes you from the grass runway in Geneva up and over a mountain pass named Col de Coux and down to an airport in a canyon. Along the way you’ll be able to enjoy all the beautiful scenery, including incredible views of the snow covered Alps and Lake Geneva, with its word famous jet d’eau. The chief flight instructor from the Aeroclub de Genève will help you navigate and also handle all the radio communications, but it will be up to you to safely arrive at your destination. You are the Pilot in Command! Includes: - Detailed aeronautical charts of your departure, route, and arrival - FSX Nav Log, Flightplan and GPS with programmed waypoints - Real world voice actors with written text of entire dialog

Author Chris Klein - Vertical Studios


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