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FSX Acceleration Mission - Save the ring

  • This adventure starts in Hamburg (Germany) and will bring you to several places in the north of germany (and Europe). Your will fly together with a german Co-Pilot and a british special agent. ....

(19 votes)

FSX Save Barney and Fred

  • You have to save Barney and Fred. They crashed Mr. Slate's at Granatir Airport plane and caught it on fire. Fred burned his hand so you will take him to Jefferson county Airport where an ambulance ..

(6 votes)

The Talisman of Okutumba

  • For some reason or other Adventure, flying adventures to be exact, follow the paths of Max Rex, aviator an Gentleman class one. But this time he never expected to be called to possibly "save the ....

(21 votes)

Mystic Skull Mystery

  • Max landed in Cali, Colombia and was picked up by the lovely Illian Guster. Little did Max know the adventure he would share with this woman and her father, the well known Dr.Fullerton Guster who ....

(16 votes)

Northern Lights..E-Pulp Short Story and FLIGHT

  • Once again Max Rex is called to fly to uncharted territories and into danger. Dr. Alfonze Skywater and his daughter Kathy want to fly to the freezing north of Canada to unravel the mystery of ....

(9 votes)

SOS Amazonas Mission

  • The following Radiograms have been received at the "Amazonas Aero Club" in Belem, Brazil. Amazon River Naval authorities request help in a SAR situation. As the telegrams report it is imperative ....

(14 votes)

FSX Phantom Temple of Gobleki-Tepe

  • To his surprise another party was asking for his flying services so soon. Max Rex heard the incredible story Dr. Wells and his beautiful daughter Lila told him with a low voice fearing for someone ..

(13 votes)

North by Northeast...

  • It was getting dark as Max Rex well known aviator and gentleman pulled back the throttle of the Fairchild and started his descent toward the city of Ketchican, barely a city really, in this year ....

(17 votes)

FSX World Wide Air -- A Leased Airbus and Mystery Flight

  • As a pilot for WWA you have made some great flights. Now the company has leased an Airbus 21 from an Eastern company which has in other occasions used our services. This is a Mission of sorts, ....

(18 votes)

WWA-Eastern Europe Flights KIT HOT

  • World Wide Air Pilots Information. You are appointed Pilot in Command of a leased JYRGAL 737-800 our company will be using for these Eastern Europe Flights. Our own 737 had a bad landing by Capt. ....