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The Budda at lake Chin-Gao The Budda at lake Chin-Gao

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In 1916 Explorer Edrain de la Fuente found the incredible island with the chained budda.He told of the strange "fog" which emanated from the shore in front of the Temple and provided a little map of the area. It was not until 1999 that Ashrow Mundrecon found the document and asked the Chinese government for a permit to visit the was denied. Now, in 2011 the Prime Minister of China, an archaeologist from the University of How-Kome, has allowed his schoolmate, Dr. Vilanova DeVecchi to proceed with an expedition to the area of the lakes where the island mentioned in de la Fuente manuscript says it is....Are you to be the Chief pilot in this quest??? or what?

Author Gera Godoy Canova


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