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FSX Mermaid Lake of Nepal FSX Mermaid Lake of Nepal

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E-Short Story and Adventure Flight.." Max Rex woke up as the far away thunder and wind made the flaps of his bedroom window slam against the wall. He got up and walked to the window and felt the humid wind from the coming storm. He looked at his watch noting it was very early, only 4:55 am. He saw huge cumulus clouds churning as the stormwind pushed them toward the small city of Bhinga in northern India. Max had come to visit his old friend Dr. Ernest Wingall Bloom, archaeologist and man of great knowledge."--Read the short story and Join Bella, her father, Dr. Wingal and Max in an adventure into Nepal. The Mermaid lake is said to be cursed but the expedition must go on!!. Experienced bush pilots will find all the clues to find the lake and solve the mystery!!!! Must be able to read maps and navigate by the seat of your pants!!! no easy GPS stuff around the Himalayas...join the expedition and either succed or go bust!!!

Author Gera Godoy Canova


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