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FSX Aircraft carrier

This article includes a list of Aircraft carrier in default scenery of your fsx

There are three carriers in the default scenery of FSX. You find this carries in all version of FSX like Standard or Professional/Acceleration Pack

The six static carriers

These carriers have no support for launch and recovery. They can be found at these locations:

  1. Naval Air Station North Island (KNZY), California, USA
  2. Naval Station Norfolk (KNGU), Virginia, USA
  3. Apra Harbor (SW of PGUM), Guam
  4. Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (NE of KPWT), Washington, USA
  5. Naval Station Everett (NE of KPAE), Washington, USA
  6. USS Kitty Hawk (CV-36)

AI carriers

These carriers are moving and follow defined schedules just like AI aircrafts on an airport. The carriers have a working light in the night; the landing deck supports launch and recovery if you use the aircrafts from the Acceleration pack.





US west coast

San Francisco Bay Sun 00:38z*

Naval Air Station North Island Sun 18:18z*



Naval Air Station North Island Wed 12:38z*

San Francisco Bay Thu 06:18z*



San Francisco Bay Tue 02:11z*

Naval Station Everett Wed 13:07z*



Naval Station Everett Fri 14:11z*

San Francisco Bay Sat 01:07z*






US east coast

Naval Station Norfolk Tue 07:35z*

Naval Station Norfolk Wed 05:24z*



Naval Station Norfolk Fri 19:35z*

Naval Station Norfolk Sat 17:24*






Hawaiian islands

Pearl Harbor Tue 14:40z*

Pearl Harbor Fri 02:56z*



Pearl Harbor Mon 02:40z*

Pearl Harbor Mon 14:56z*


*All times are GMT

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