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FSX T-45C Goshawk Package V2.21

  • FSX Acceleration Boeing/BAE T-45C Goshawk v2.21. The T45C Goshawk is a heavily modified version of the BAE Hawk single engine jet trainer, adapted to aircraft carrier ops. This package contains ....
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FSX/FS2004 Vought Corsair F4U-1 "Birdcage"

  • FSX/FS2004 Vought Corsair F4U-1 "Birdcage" The F4U-1 "Birdcage" Corsair was the first in a long line of successful derivatives of the Corsair used in front-line service . Early Corsairs displayed ....
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FSX Boeing 747-400V4 Cargo with Boeing YAL-1A

  • Boeing 747-400V4 Cargo with Boeing YAL-1A (Airborne Laser Test Bed) with advanced VC. Project Opensky did not update the YAL -1A into FSX model so this is a mock up adding the textures to the FSX ....
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FSX SAAF Cheetah C

  • SAAF Cheetah C. The Atlas Cheetah is a fighter aircraft of the South African Air Force. It is a major upgrade of the Dassault Mirage III. Three different variants were created, the dual-seat ....
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FSX North American OV 10A Bronco USAF

  • The Bronco is a twin turboprop light attack and observation aircraft. It was developed in the sixties and 370 units were built. Original model and textures by Tim Piglet. Adaptation to FSX, 2D (wide ....
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FSX Curtiss P-40M and P-40N

  • Curtiss P-40M and P-40N The Curtiss P-40 was undoubtedly one of the most controversial fighters to serve in quantity during the Second World War. The P-40M, was a P-40E with a more powerful ....
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FSX Dornier Do 17 HOT

  • Dornier Do 17 with accurate bombing from 12000 feet or 100 feet. Simulating the Dornier Do17 raids on "The Hardest Day" 18 August 1940 (RAF Kenley) and the "Battle Of Britain Day" 15 September ....
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Nieuport 28C.1 WW1 fighter

  • Nieuport 28C.1 WW1 fighter The Nieuport 28C.1 was developed in mid-1917 in an attempt to compete with the superior performance of the Spad VII and the recently introduced Spad XIII. It was the ....
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FSX Gmax Mirage F1 Package V2 HOT

  • Gmax Mirage F1 Package V2. Updated with new canopy fixes and VC/panel edits for FSX. This is a Gmax rework of Kirk Olssen payware quality Mirage F1V2.0. It is a complete package with a VC and 2d ....
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FSX Acceleration Curtiss P-36A&C/H-75A Hawk-pack

  • Curtiss P-36A&C/H-75A Hawk-pack for FSX-Acceleration. The models are from 2 different authors, so ALL credits are for them! Both have working VC's and a vintage minipanel. All necessary gauges ....