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FS2004/FSX Me 262 Collection World War II

  • FS2004/FSX Me 262 Collection World War II saw the introduction of jet aircraft, and one of the most prominent jets of the conflict was the "Messerschmitt Me-262", a twin-jet fighter of advanced ....
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  • FSX USAF RQ-1A Predator UAV. Updated for FSX, USAF RQ1A Predator UAV, v1.0. Hard working unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) the General Atomics RQ-1 can collect and transmit data without endangering any ....
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RQ-4B for FSX

  • The Northrop Grumman RQ-4B Global Hawk is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) used by the United States Air Force and Navy as a surveillance aircraft. The Global Hawk is able to provide high ....
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FSX Fairchild C 119 Flying Boxcar USAF

  • This transport aircraft was designed just after WW2 (first flight in 1947) and was produced until 1955 (1183 units). The Boxcar was a very versatile aircraft used as cargo, troops and personnel ....
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FSX SHRS F-111 Aircraft Package HOT

  • If you ever wanted to fly the F-111 skimming the tree tops at high speeds and whip around a mountain in a 60 degree bank while the autopilot does all the work, then this is the aircraft package ....
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B-2A Block 30 for FSX HOT

  • I have to admit, if there were awards offered for the most accurate Flight Dynamics in FS, this would win HANDS DOWN! The B-2 maintains stability through use of several wing slats, all computer ....
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FSX Eurofighter Typhoon HOT

  • Eurofighter Typhoon is a highly advanced, extremely maneuverable attack aircraft manufactured by a European consortium of several concerns. Said to have "carefree handling" by its manufacturers, ....
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FSX SO 8000 Narval Package

  • SO 8000 Narval, full package, by Patrice Grange. The "Sud-Ouest" SO-8000 Narval was a French prototype designed in 1949 as a shipboard fighter and attack aircraft, with a particular twin-boom ....
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FS2004/FSX Lockheed C-5 Galaxy Package HOT

  • Lockheed C-5 Galaxy package for FS2004 (also works fine in FSX). Lockheed's massive C-5 Galaxy had its origins with the CX-HLS project of 1963, which specified a heavy transport which could carry ..
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FSX B-2A Spirit HOT

  • B-2A Spirit for FS2004 and also works fine in FSX. The Northrop B-2A is a highly-sophisticated strategic bomber with unlimited range using in-flight refueling. Even without refueling, the ....