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FS X Space Shuttle Launch HOT

  • Take a Flight up with the Space Shuttle in FSX.This time you fly up with the shuttle into orbit..and at hundreds of thousands of feet...This is for...
(6 votes)

FS X Kuala Air Taxi Service

  • Be a pilot for the Kuala Air Taxi Service to fly executives and VIPs wherever they want in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore. Land on helipads at the 50th fl...
(10 votes)

FS X African Safari Animal Search

  • You're in Kenya and there's tons of animals around where you're staying - you would like to see as many as possible. So, you have rented an ultrali...
(10 votes)

FS X Heathrow To Gatwick Run HOT

  • You are new to the airline and very excited about your first flight with a fully loaded plane. Its just a short hop from Heathrow to Gatwick but yo...
(3 votes)

FS X Air Transport Command flight from Goose Bay to Greenland

  • Air Transport Command flight from Goose Bay to Greenland based on the book "Fate is the Hunter"
(2 votes)

FS X Patrol Chopper Pursuit

  • There has just been a bank robbery in downtown Los Angeles, USA, and the suspects are escaping in a black van speeding north on Highway 405. It's n...
(5 votes)

FS X Christmas Mission

  • This is my first attempt for a FSX mission. THis is for the holiday times. I hope you enjoy it.
(10 votes)

FS X Hooverdam Airrace

  • This mission is a fictional airrace at the famous Hooverdam. Fly the Extra300 through a challenging course to win a trophy. 2 skill levels included...
(11 votes)

Sea Cave

  • Fly with Captain Ron ina Grumman.. just a short delivery hop .. or is it....A FSX Acceleration mission.
(16 votes)

FS X Gypsies

  • Based on Ernest Gann's adventure "Fate is the Hunter", this FSX mission is the first of four missions recreating Gann's 1940 flight across the Ande...