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Smugglers Cove

  • You are commercial pilot holidaying in the UK when a friend asks you to fill in as pilot for a day at Wick airport. The company pilot, Captain Ron, has a broken arm and so can only be co-pilot. It is ..
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The Airfield at "Glowing Temple Mountain"

  • You are flying your regular weekly route over the Peruvian Andes. Suddenly revolutions drop and you notice your oil gauge acting up. Sure that an engine stop is coming you check your map for an ....
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The Doomsday Base

  • Urgent!! For your eyes only!!!...Date: July,5, 1954. Captain: Your instructions have been taped and you will listen to them when you have taken off and are around six thousand feet. Listen ....
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Famous Writer Sloop on Fire!

  • The whistle sounded at the French Naval Station. Soon the pilots were told to go out and search for the famous writer┬┤s sail boat "Matador" that sent a SOS reporting fire on board!!!...Its ....
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FSX/FS9 East World Airways Ltd

  • FSX/FS9..FSadventureSky Flights....Back in 1956 Bob Bruscow started his Cargo East World Airways Ltd operation covering many cities of Arabia. The airline grew and you found yourself flying a ....
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FSX Rome to Asmara...1936

  • FSadventureSky Historical Flights Series...Ala Littoria flew the SM-73 over mountains, the Mediterranean Sea (Mare Nostrum) and the sands of North Africa to arrive one evening at the beautiful ....
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FSX Six 1950s Cargo/Passenger Flights in S.A.

  • Here are six Cargo/Passenger Flights for you to fly in South American skies of the 1950s. You will need the cream of the crop: DC-3/C-47, DC-4, DC-6, DC-7, Constellation and C-46. Long and short ....
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Unalakleet (PAUN) Mission

  • FLYING WILD ALASKA MISSION You fly with a C172 from Unalakleet to 38A Including the Unalakleet Scenery Files, MAPS, FLIGHTSPLANS and PICTURES. It's a real chalange for Profecional pilots. If ....
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FSX Ancient Machines Mission

  • The Prime Minister has ordered for you to fly Dr. Sing and his party to a Chinese Village beyond the mountains. There you will listen to the oldest Lama and proceed accordingly. ...This is a ....
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  • "Dear Sir...You have inherited the one aircraft "Amazonas Air Freight Airways" from your ex Air Force buddy Siverton Ecceter or "Chewing gum Gogo", he flew over the hotizon yesterday after ....