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FSX Mermaid Lake of Nepal

  • E-Short Story and Adventure Flight.." Max Rex woke up as the far away thunder and wind made the flaps of his bedroom window slam against the wall. He got up and walked to the window and felt the ....
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FSX Ghost Ship of the Southern Seas

  • This is not a "Mission", its a story of an expedition is South Chile and you will be in the middle of it together with Max Rex, Dr. Buenas and a beautiful lady..." " Santiago tower this is CP559 ....
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Princess Cleopon is Lost!!!

  • Princess Cleopon went to the Miluca tributary in Bolivia for she wanted some alligator skin for and have her private shoemaker make some shoes for the wedding of her son Raulph. She took a small boat ..
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Lost in Bolivia--Princes Cleopon who else???

  • The woman cannot keep still in her kingdon. Off she goes in crazy expeditions, the last time she lost 1/4 of her left toe..but that's another story. Now the king is paying one million Bokaroos for ....
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FSX Mission Exercise Alula USN/USMC HOT

  • FSX Mission Exercise Alula USN/USMC.The target is a rogue state, the solution.. a USN Navy Carrier Battle Group and USMC Expeditionary Strike Group! Choose to be the wingman in whichever sortie you ....